The Story behind Smarty

Stand out with Smarty Sunglasses – a Swiss creation

In 1960 Werner Daetwyler – a Swiss businessman who initiated the launch of high quality sunglasses to protect the eyes – created the Swiss brand Smarty as an outstanding wearable and fashion line of sunglasses. Even at that time he was aware that people were looking to have a pair of sunglasses which would be wearable and at the same time protect the eyes with high quality polarized lenses.

Mr. Werner Daetwyler
Mr. Werner Daetwyler

He created the attribute “Be smart and wear smarty sunglasses” which says a lot about the target group of consumers looking for wearable, fashionable and reasonably priced sunglasses.

A model with Smarty Sunglasses in 1960

Smarty launched in 2012 in Asia through Baurs is a new brand for Asia creating a consumer feeling of belonging with a range of Swiss designed products, Sunglasses designed in Switzerland and distributed all over Asia by a Swiss company established over 115 years ago for the concerning consumer relating to Switzerland as the hub for quality and reliability.

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