The Baur Family

The Entrepreneur

Baurs which was founded in 1897 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, by the entrepreneur Alfred Baur. The company initially dealt with fertilizers and later extended business as a pioneer in the scientific manuring in Sri Lanka. Today A. Baur & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the major importers and distributors in Sri Lanka of agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutritional food, industrial chemicals, textile dyes, consumer goods, services and is also active in tourism and airline representations.

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Baur Asia

Baur Asia Pte Ltd which is a company supporting European companies to expand into Asia and Asian companies to expand into Europe – a true bridge. Baur Asia was established to further expand into the growing Asian market.

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The Art Collector

In 1906, Alfred returned to live in Switzerland, choosing to settle in Geneva, the home town of his wife. While he continued to manage his business in Colombo, he discovered a new passion as an art collector. His first purchases included Japanese ceramics, lacquer ware, netsuke and sword fittings as well as Chinese jades. But soon he found interest in Chinese ceramics. Shortly before his death in 1951, Alfred purchased a town house in the centre of Geneva with the intention of turning it into a museum. The Baur Collection, Museum of Far Eastern Art first opened to the public in 1964.

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Collection Baur
Museum of Arts of Far Eastern collectibles in Geneva, Switzerland

The Legacy

With the over century long experience gained, the Baur group of companies is further growing. That is why Baur Asia was founded in 2007, with the purpose to spread out Baur’s legacy and Swiss values even further to South and Far East, making use of new business models and a fresh idea: to promote and develop European brands, products and services into the growing Asian markets.